Key Machinery

  • (2) Okuma MB 400H Horizontal Machining Centers
  • (1) Fastems- Flexible Pallet Container with 12 pallets
  • (3) Manufacturing Cell (JIT, one piece flow)
  • (2) CNC 5-axis lathe (bar feeder) Machining range of .750 to 10.0 inches
  • (2) CNC vertical machining centers (4 axis) Machining up to 50.00 inches
  • (2) CNC Vertical machining centers (3 axis) Machining up to 50.00 inches
  • (5) CNC lathes (tailstock capabilities) Machining from .020 to 20.0 inches and 30.0 inches between centers

Quality Instruments

  • Mitutoyo QM Height-gage
  • Mitutoyo CMM BRM 707
  • Mitutoyo Profile Projector PH3500
  • Keyence CMM XM-C1000
  • Trimos Fowler QM Height-gage


  • The newest addition to Kimberly Machine equipment family.
  • This acquisition increased our efficiency and productivity.
  • The MB-H series provides a unique combination of high-speed and power in a small footprint.
  • Highly productive with a high speed spindle and reduced non-cutting time, the MB-H series is equipped with 24 pallets + 500 tool exchange.
  • Built on the Okuma Thermo-Friendly Concept which enables the machine to predict and counter thermal deformation, ensuring consistent accuracy.



  • Reduced manufacturing cost
  • Lower cost per unit produced
  • Greater labor productivity
  • Greater machine efficiency
  • Improved quality
  • Increased system reliability
  • Reduced parts inventories
  • Adaptability to ERP system
  • Shorter lead times
  • On-time manufacturing
  • The fasteners mms control provides multiple scheduling options for short or long term production runs

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